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  • Teaching the Dave Ramsey Plan
  • Getting / Staying Out of Debt
  • Living On a Budget
  • ​Best Practices
  • ​Giving
  • ​Building Wealth

Financial peace university


  1. Beginner Emergency Fund of $1000
  2. Attack Debt - Smallest to Largest
  3. Fully Funded Emergency Fund
  4. 15% of Household Income into Retirement
  5. Save for Kid's College
  6. Pay off House
  7. Build Wealth and Give!

AP Solutions can lead the FPU class at your church or organization. 

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Who is Dave Ramsey? CLICK HERE to find out!


AP Solutions uses the Dave Ramsey Baby Steps when financial coaching.

Whether you need help doing your budget, getting out of debt, wanting to know if it's the best time for you financially to buy a home, or would like us to lead a Financial Peace University class, we are here to help!

The Dave Ramsey program has 7 easy to follow steps and has changed millions of lives!

Change your family tree and start getting out of debt today!

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